DNT, where the people take after and hold nature in business.

DNT Co., Ltd. constantly endeavors for consumers’ comfortable and safe living through the harmony of engineered design and technologies caring much of environment. Talented people at DNT have successfully commercialized the products with core raw material technologies allowing the diverse applications by forming the insect evading nano powder together with various plastics and rubber materials through joint development with the Korean Institute of Industrial Technology. The employees and management of DNT are committed to furthermore exert utmost effort to safeguard the people facing risk of exposure to ever worsening air pollution and various harmful insects.


Employees and Management of DNT




About DNT CI

Symbol mark of DNT is created containing and expressing the DNT’s business goal of COMBINED DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY with its initials, producing a figure of customer and employee of DNT facing each other hand in hand shaping the initials of “DNT” with stereoscopic effect.

About Corporate Slogan

Desire of people at DNT endeavoring to offer the products with clean and beneficial nature for customers.

About BI

AIRCOP is the one of precious product brands created by DNT desiring to safeguard and clean the environment of customers up with its utmost priority and the highest business value. The AIRCOP as produced with natural raw plants extracts is the product brand much favorable by people with its natural efficacy absolutely not harmful for human. The BI of AIRCOP, containing the Mother Nature as is, is configured with compound words of AIR meaning air or environment and COP meaning police or guardian, which is created with tree leaf shape symbolizing nature.

Product Liability Insurance insured with K\100M.

DNT certifies that products are insured by Product Liability Insurance of Dongbu Insurance

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Adrress 13207 Room #312, Bizcenter, #124, Sagimakgol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, (SK n Technopark, Sangdaewon-dong)
Phone 070-7525-2008~9

Public Transportation Guide

Take #350 bus on at the No. 3 Exit of Moran Subway Station, and take off at the Samyoung Electronics Bus Station.
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